Lending Library

WSAE Lending Library

WSAE maintains a full library of association-related publications. Brush up on select topics or review before you buy.

  • Review the list of books below. 
  • Request a review copy from the WSAE office.
  • You may request up to two books (or all three volumes of Policies and Procedures in Association Management).
  • Books are loaned for a maximum of four weeks. If there are no requests for the book(s), the borrower may request to renew the loan for an additional two weeks.
  • Borrower pays the return postage.
  • Credit card deposit is required. If the book is not returned after five weeks (or seven with the renewal option), a replacement copy is purchased.

If you wish to purchase the publication after review, visit the ASAE on-line bookstore: www.asaenet.org